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Officials at the St Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority say a threat by Carnival Cruises to refrain from returning to St. Lucia, if their request to berth at La Place Carenage is not met, should not a cause for concern.

The notice which has been circulating indicates that Carnival has made a request to berth ( 3 & 4) at La Place Carenage instead of (1 & 2) Pointe Seraphine.

Speaking ahead of the release of a press statement, Marketing Manager at SLASPA Dona Regis noted that such requests are made regularly within the cruise industry and does not in any way affect the market in any way.

Information suggests that the details and reasoning for the move has not been revealed, SLASPA has met their demands and as such Carnival will only be berthed at DFPS if there is a cargo vessel at La Place.
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