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A strong call has been made for a complete ban on Turtle harvesting in St Lucia following what volunteers at the Grand Anse nature reserve describe as a gruesome discovery.

According to the National Volunteer Coordinator Mr Cyril Saltibus, sections of the public have been engaged in the brutal killing of sea turtles along the island’s shores.

He notes that conservationists are saddened at the manner in which poachers uncaringly treat the turtles which are being used to promote St Lucia as an environmentally friendly and beautiful destination. He adds that the poachers seem to have no regard for the implications of their actions on the island's ecology and its reputation.

The National Volunteer Program Office has made a special appeal against the savage hunting and killing of turtles on the beaches of Saint Lucia.  He describes as disheartening to witness a leather back lying dead while trying to lay her eggs.

Mr Saltibus has launched a campaign, appealing to all Saint Lucians to STOP BUYING turtles eggs and meat 
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