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Accusations have been leveled at one staffer at the Cornerstone Humanitarian Society suggesting a growing trend of physical abuse particularly against the elderly residents there.

The complaint is being raised by one ward, who bore marks of violence on his person. He claimed that he had suffered at the hands of the male staff, and that he is not the only one.

But he believes that the staffer has not been dismissed because she is fearful of his violent nature.

The Cornerstone Resident says he has been asked to leave the home following his attack which occurred about a week ago.

The elderly man says he has witnessed attacks on several of the other residents and concerns about the abuse have been brought to the attention of the administrator Mrs Juliette Brathwaite by other employees.

Meanwhile, Mrs Brathwaite has denied the reports of abuse at the Cornerstone residence. She however noted that, one particular resident has a history of causing disturbances especially when he is drunk.

She says there is a strict policy against drunkenness and that he has not been allowed to return to the house after his latest outburst

Mrs Brathwaite also explained that while the staff sometimes raise their voices at the residents, there is never any physical attack or abuse.
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