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The kid gloves are off, as a top official in the Ministry of Creative Industries fights what he says is a clear conflict of interest that is costing one group of people in the local music industry.

Consultant in the Ministry of Creative Industries Christopher Hunte says while debate on the amount of airplay for local music has fizzled out, he points to a new culture which he says is placing some artistes at a major disadvantage.

He says attempts by the government to invest in the creative industries through a support program for local cannot reach its full potential if the growing trend of DJs and radio announcers-turned-artiste continues unregulated.

Mr Hunte points to what he describes as a conflict of interest when announcers and Djs continue to push their own interests, and earn royalties for themselves, while material produced by other artistes is sidelined.

Mr Hunte explains that a total of 10 quality songs  by a group of local artistes, for the carnival season, have been produced through the government funded program, Headstart, and was distributed to all radio stations in early May.

But he says few of them have been given any airplay at all.

He contends that some of the responsibility for monitoring the issue rests on the shoulders of program directors.
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