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Increasing calls are being made on Her Excellency Dame Pearlette Louisy to make a voluntary offer for a 5 percent cut in her salary.

The issue has been a debate topic since an announcement by Prime Minister Dr Kenny Anthony that the salaries being paid to the Governor general and the judiciary will not be affected by the deductions being proposed across the board for public sector workers.

While Press Secretary Jadia Jn Pierre Emmanuel has weighed in on the debate, explaining that the exempted salaries are dictated by the constitution. But Leader of the Lucian Peoples Movement Therold Prudent says Dame Pearlette should voluntarily make the sacrifice for love of country.

Meanwhile, Mr prudent has called on Prime Minister Dr Kenny Anthony to revisit the salaries of government ministers to where the rate stood before the 1997 St Lucia Labour Party administration took office.

So far public sector unions have rejected the government’s proposal for wage cuts and are scheduled to meet again with the Prime Minister on Friday.
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