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The Leader of the Opposition and MP for Micoud North, Dr. Gale Rigobert, has expressed deep concern about the dire conditions that threaten
to cripple the operations of the nation’s hospital in the South.

According to Rigobert, such conditions, if not addressed immediately, can have serious implications for the lives, health and safety of patients and workers alike.
Dr. Rigobert has learned that the hospital is cash strapped and has not been able to meet its financial obligations and that both local and foreign vendors are refusing to honour orders for general and medical supplies.

Claims are that even tissue paper is in short supply, and commonly used medication such as Panadol and Tylenol are sometimes unavailable, which has resulted in patients having to source them elsewhere, on their own.

The Leader of the Opposition is calling on the Health Minister
Ms. Alvina Reynolds and the Prime Minister, Dr. Kenny D Anthony to address this matter urgently.

Meanwhile, the state of the St Jude Hospital will feature high on the agenda when the United Workers Party hosts another in a series of Post Budget Meetings this evening.

Supporters and well wishers of the party have been invited to attend the Barre Du Chausse meeting.
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