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Political tension reaches fever pitch at an SLP constituency Group meeting in Soufriere on Tuesday with reports of an assault of a United Workers Party supporter.

According to a statement from the organization the incident occurred on the evening of September 3rd 2013, when Hon. Harold Dalson and the Soufriere Constituency Group of the St. Lucia Labour Party initiated an open question and answer session.

The statement claims that a gentleman was provided an opportunity to air his concerns. He was extremely abusive to the district representative and some persons who were in attendance. Reports indicate that despite the outburst the District Representative requested that the gentleman be given sufficient time to ask his questions. Instead of using that time, the gentleman became increasingly abusive.

The statement adds that someone attending the meeting approached him and asks that he settle down. He did not stop his abusive behavior and became more agitated. He was then asked to leave the gathering and he refused; he was subsequently removed.

The Soufriere/Fond St Jacques constituency group is in the view that he was deliberately dispatched to cause disruption to the meeting in an attempt to cause Mr. Dalson to be caught in a physical altercation. The group statement notes that  that the members will neither accept, nor tolerate, any verbal abuse to anyone and in particular the District Representative, Hon. Harold Dalson.

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