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A local educator has described a major blunder by the island’s Ministry of Education, which was exposed this week as an embarrassment.

Dr Virginia Albert Poyotte says for her, the significance of the Common Entrance Exam has come into question, since the Universal Education program has been established in St Lucia.

She says the situation has called the common entrance exam system into question, causing doubt among several people as to whether they were awarded the correct exam scores.

Dr Poyotte adds that the exam only helps to perpetuate the discrimination of schools by streaming students based on their academic performance on the test. She has called for changes in the way the common entrance exam is constituted in order to achieve the right objective.

Dr Poyotte believes that it was by no accident that an alarm was raised regarding the composite scores awarded to Lovelle Motley, which prompted the investigation into the exam scores. She has also questioned whether the Ministry of Education would ever have come forward to expose the error on its own.
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