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The Marine Consultant in the Ministry of Tourism has reacted to a report of a daring daylight robbery at the IGY Rodney bay Marina over the weekend, noting that criminals are getting more sophisticated in their attempts to break the law.

The incident which has been described as a disturbing trend by Mr Cuthbert Didier, is believed to have occurred on Sunday about 1:33 pm at the Marina fuel dock.

Reports indicate that three armed men posing as cops are responsible for the daring heist, making off with an estimated $10 thousand dollars. The men are believed to have made their escape in a panel van

Mr Didier believes that based on several reports, careful thought, planning and surveillance must have been done prior to the robbery.

Pointing to the dire fiscal situation now confronting the country, Mr Didier noted that crime is an offshoot of poverty that leads to desperation. Noting that the yachting sector will not be immune from crime, he has called for a collective response to the social problem.

Reports suggest that police are following critical leads into Sunday’s robbery
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