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As hundreds of students return to the classroom today following six weeks of summer vacation, to start the new academic year, at least one school remains closed until midweek to allow for the completion of renovations.

Chief Education Officer Marcus Edward explains that last minute works started on a section of the Entrepot Secondary school which was infested with termites last week and has forced education officials to announce that the school will remain closed as a health precaution.

Mr Edward says all efforts are being made to speed up the process and that the time away from classes should not disadvantage the students.

Meanwhile, the Chief education officer says at least two schools will not function as normal at least for the time being. Among them is the Canaries Infant school which was damaged by the Christmas Eve trough in 2013. He says students will continue to attend classes at the Roman Catholic Church until renovations on the school building are completed some time during the first term.

Mr Edward also informed that the situation at the Corinth secondary school is being addressed, but in the meantime students will continue the shift system which was established at the school last term.

He notes that construction on a section of the school building which was demolished earlier this year is expected to start during the first term. He adds that a new wing will also be built.

The education officials also spoke to concerns expressed by parents, regarding the unavailability of school books during the summer period. Pointing to what he calls seeming delays in shipment, he has assured that the learning and instruction materials will be available soon.
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