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As activities continue here in observance of Creole Heritage Month, the head of the Folk Research Centre says the organization is encouraged by the level of support from all sectors.

Executive Director at the FRC Hilary La Force says the program of activities planned to celebrate the creole culture and the nation’s heritage has been moving as planned.

Among them is a creole lunch which opened activities for the Month of October, as well as the  just concluded FRC endorsed Oktoberfest.
The official calendar also includes woule La Bas competitions, creole literacy classes for primary schools, a jeunesse Kweyol pageant, a fete Kweyol compass session and swa-way kweyol. The activities are being held in the run up to the grande celebration on October 28th

Mr La Force notes that the observance brings with it a number of benefits.

Mr La Force also highlights the level of interest being expressed by the nation’s youth in their creole heritage.

Creole heritage Month culminates with festivities in four host communities here on October 26
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