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As St Lucia prepares to observe International Standards Day, the National Consumers Association is making its voice heard in the process.

In stressing the significance of the international observance to consumers, Vice President of the NCA Matthius Polius explains that it is critical for consumers to know and understand the products that they purchase and how they are to be used.

He adds that the absence of standards can have a negative impact on the health and lives of consumers.

Leading the charge on the global observance is the St Lucia Bureau of Standards, where Mr Polius also sits as a member of the standards committee.

He explains that while the organization continues to face a major challenge, extensive research is conducted particularly on locally made products to ensure that they meet global standards and are safe for use by consumers.

While Mr Polius agrees that the time is ripe for authorities to legislate standards, he notes that the process also comes with its own constraints.

World Standards Day will be observed on Tuesday this week
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