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The Island’s Minister for Health says information being circulated about the deadly Ebola Virus is being fuelled by fear.

The virus which is transmitted by the African fruit bat has killed over one thousand people since the outbreak earlier this year.

While the virus which has been described as an international health emergency by the World Health Organization, was first reported in West Africa, it has since moved to the United States and Spain.

The situation has prompted first world countries to beef up their response mechanisms as well as screenings for travellers. Among them are St Vincent and the Grenadines and Dominica, which have indicated that their borders are under strict security

But Ms Alvina Reynolds says the situation only fuels public panic, adding that the onus is now on local health officials to help calm the population

A number of high level discussions have been held with various stakeholders on St Lucia’s readiness to deal with a possible Ebola case
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