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A former Sports Administrator is of the view that the entire West Indies Cricket should resign following its handling of a major fall out with its players.

The fall out could leave the Board in a 45 million dollar hole as Indian cricket authorities are demanding compensation following the walk out of West Indies Players from its India Tour on October 17th.

Ambassador Earl Huntley believes that the legal battle now facing the West Indies sport administration was completely avoidable.

Mr Huntley is of the view that the best and only strategy which the Board can now employ is negotiation with Indian authorities in an effort to settle the matter without having to pay such a hefty fine.

But he fears that if the strategy fails, then it could result in the destruction of one of the last unifying symbols of the West Indies.

As officials seek to remedy the situation, St Vincent Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves has since offered to assist with finding a resolution  
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