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Principals and teachers have been strongly advised to ensure the security of items that have been confiscated from students, as they can be held liable if the go missing.

The advice comes from the Chief Education Officer Mr Marcus Edward in light of claims being made by a former student of the Micoud Secondary school.

The male student alleges that two rings which were being held by the school principal some three years ago are yet to be returned. He has also threatened legal action against the principal.

But according to the Chief Education officer, an independent investigation has been conducted into the matter and the School principal has denied ever having confiscated the rings, which the former student claims is worth over 5 thousand dollars.

Mr Edward also notes that three years after the incident there is not much that the investigation can uncover as the principal in question has denied the allegations.

He notes that it is not the first time that such allegations are made against principals who also sometimes confiscate cell phones and other items from students.

The Chief Education officer notes that in moving forward strong security measures must be established in order to safeguard against liability
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