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The rape of one woman at the Choc Beach this week has angered a local mens’ advocate and counsellor at the Boys Training Centre.

The incident alleged occurred on Wednesday evening when according to the victim, three men attacked her and her boyfriend who had been to the beach that afternoon.

In recounting the ordeal, the woman claims that she was raped by two of the men who held a knife to her throat and held her boyfriend at gun point in a secluded area of the beach.

Mr Keith Smith expressed anger at the failure of men to speak up against such wicked acts and animalistic behaviour against a woman. He is calling for swift justice against the heinous act.  He notes that equally concerning is that the assault could have been perpetrated against tourists who frequent the beach.

The comments come in light of several attacks on visitors to the island and calls for more police presence at the island’s beaches.

According to statistics Caribbean countries show a higher than average rate of rape. Forty-eight percent of adolescent girls reported sexual initiation to be forced in nine Caribbean countries, according to UN Women
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