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The Department of Human Services is among local agencies investigating an alleged sexual assault on a minor child.

The latest news suggests that a middle aged man has been arrested by the Police following claims of the attack on his eight year old niece.

According to the child’s father, who reported the incident to police, it occurred on Friday of last week at Marigot.

He claims that his daughter said that the Uncle blocked her path as she was walking home, touched her chest, held her and started kissing her on the mouth.
According to the father, the child told him that she fought off the Uncle, broke loose and ran screaming and crying to her home.

He adds that upon hearing her screams and learning of the disturbing incident occurred, the child’s brothers, who live nearby went to look for the Uncle and dealt him several blows, before he fled to his home and locked himself inside.

The Police were subsequently summoned and the Uncle was arrested. The victim’s father claimed that the Uncle told him that he preferred to have made such moves on the child than a stranger.

Suspicions are that a mysterious fire which gutted the man’s home shortly afterwards could have been related to incident
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