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One of the oldest living St Lucians to have witnessed the transitioning of the island from statehood to independence has been reacting to a program of activities which was rolled out to observe St. Lucia’s 36th independence anniversary.

Mr Peter Josie says he is not convinced that the significance of the accomplishment has not been maximized. Rather he believes that the national observance is being used as a political football to gain popularity with the people.

The veteran politician says the government has failed to place emphasis on the significance of being an independent nation, shifting the focus on feting and merriment instead.

Pointing to the Independence program for this year, Mr Josie described as notable that the police parade is the only official event taking place in the north, while the feting is being held in the south of the island where the electoral seats are being occupied by the St Lucia Labour Party.

He has supported calls for a merging of the Nobel Laureates week and Independence programs, in an effort to highlight notable accomplishments by St Lucians.

Activities to mark this year’s Independence Celebrations have been decentralized and include a program that boasts a fusion of performing arts and cuisine.
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