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One Anse La Raye Father is incensed over what he says was a deliberate and unauthorized baptism ritual which was performed on his nine year old daughter by a well known Pentecostal church pastor over the weekend.

Mr Gervaius Seraphim claims that he was informed by his minor daughter about the religious ceremony mere days before it was scheduled to take place. He adds that while the child had apparently received the approval of her mother to go ahead with the plan, he was strongly opposed to it.

He notes that the church went ahead with the baptism, despite his expressed resistance to it ahead of the event.

In his protest to the move Mr Seraphim says he informed church officials that at nine years old, his daughter is too young to make such a long-term decision and that the process should be delayed until there was consensus on the issue by the family.

Instead he said alternative plans were made by to church to go ahead with the ritual, when he threatened to take the matter to the media.

Efforts to reach Bishop Emmanuel Mc Lauren for a comment on the situation were unsuccessful
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